The Right Software is the Key to Success for Maid Service Businesses

What should you look for in a software that will help run your maid service business more efficiently and profitably while maintaining the highest standards of customer care? Everything is Integrated Your scheduling, sales, employee management, and accounting all work seamlessly together. This frees you from tedious and time-consuming tasks of entering the same information […]

A History of Maid Service Software

  Many years ago, around the time of the beginning of the residential cleaning industry, there was no maid service software available to manage such businesses. There were one or two franchises, like Merry Maids, for example, who engaged some programmers to write software specifically for their franchises. This was a real advantage to signing […]

Scheduling Manager Web Express by Thoughtful Systems

Thoughtful Systems is proud to announce the release of Scheduling Manager Web Express with nearly all the same great features as our stand-alone version, but completely online. We’ve noticed other companies have released both a stand-alone and a web version but their web version has far fewer features. However, Thoughtful System’s web version has nearly […]

Why the Scheduling Manager is the Best Software for Maid Services

Thousands of residential cleaning business owners use Scheduling Manager Gemini by Thoughtful Systems everyday to schedule employees, keep track of customers, track sales, and much more! Scheduling Manager Gemini  is the most up to date version of our powerful customer relationship management and employee scheduling software. We also have a mobile application and an online version!   […]

How to Choose the Right Software Program for Your Service Business

We have many customers who call us after coming from other software companies and they are unhappy for a wide range of reasons. Since we have been in the business for 25 years and have customers in dozens of different service industries, we wanted to give our readers some tips on choosing a software program. […]

Increase Your Profits with Job Costing Report 3

The Gemini version of Scheduling Manager by Thoughtful Systems includes several new advanced analysis reports. These reports provide you with more sophisticated ways to analyze your data and increase your profits. We wanted to highlight one of the reports we find most useful below, Job Costing Report 3. This report will calculate payroll for employees only. By […]

Scheduling Manager Caller-ID Module

  The Caller-ID module in Scheduling Manager is something our team finds very valuable everyday. The Caller-ID and Call Tracking Module are invaluable for companies who need to easily focus on sales processes and methods, and provide better customer service. With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls will appear on the screen, showing the phone number.  If the […]

New Postal Codes Module For Our UK Customers

We have an exciting new module in the Scheduling Manager which should be very helpful to our UK customers. As with all our modules, this was created to save you time and effort. This postal code module looks up an address based on a postal code. By using this module, you can avoid errors and increase […]