Advantages of Scheduling Managaer Service Business Software

Some businesses that purchase the Scheduling Manager have been using a collection of programs in order to manage all aspects of their business. This method may work for a very young business, but the problems soon multiply, because information is stored in so many places. If a customer changes their address, the business manager must remember to go change the address in the Excel spreadsheet, and in QuickBooks, as well as in Microsoft Outlook, etc. Ghere are numerous advantages of Scheduling Manager — instead of having to update several different programs, you just update information in one. Convenient, time-saving and a method for avoising transcription errors.

1. Easy Job Scheduling:

Keep track of all job appointments, using one of the eight job scheduling calendars. Enter information about a job once, and your calendar is automatically updated for the future.

2. Customer Information at your Fingertips:

You can keep track of ALL information relating to each lead or client you interact with. This eliminates the need for a specialty CRM program, such as ACT!

3. Instant and Easy Invoicing:

When a job is completed, click a button to cause the invoice to be created, and the payment (if any) to be recorded. The customer’s account balance is automatically updated. Print invoices and statements, as needed, as well as Aging Reports, etc.

4. Employee Payroll at a a Glance:

When a job is completed, the times and amounts due to each employee are automatically recorded. We support a wide variety of pay types, including Hourly, Commission, Fixed Pay, or a combination of the three. Print your gross payroll reports at the end of the pay period.

5. Generate Maps and Create Routes:

Generate directions to each customer’s address, or create entire routes for each technician or team for the day’s route. Optimize the route, if necessary, using Map point.

6. Email Marketing:

The built-in Email marketing features means you can send a variety of emails to your leads and/or customers at the touch of a button. Several email templates are included, so you can send out personalized holiday emails, special offers, etc. This has more than paid for the price of the software, for many of our users!

7. SMS Messaging to Clients and Employees:

Send instant SMS messages to clients and/or employees.

8. Track Sales and Plan Campaigns:

Use the powerful Sales tracking features to track and plan sales campaigns.

9. Dispatch Employees:

Use the Dispatch Board for powerful, easy-to-use dispatch functions.

10. Gain Valuable Business Intelligence:

Use the various business intelligence reports and tools included in the Scheduling Manager to analyze your business. Compare sales from one period to another thus enabling you to make better decisions about your business.

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