The Caller-ID module in Scheduling Manager is something our team finds very valuable everyday. The Caller-ID and Call Tracking Module are invaluable for companies who need to easily focus on sales processes and methods, and provide better customer service.
With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls will appear on the screen, showing the phone number.  If the number already exists in your database, you can go straight to the customer record. If the number is not in teh database, it will be added automatically. 
The Call Activity Log can be viewed to easily see all information about calls, including their duration and other details. 
By using this module a company can easily jump to the record of whoever is calling without asking the caller to repeat her details over the phone. This has enabled our users to boost their sales because they can jump to the client (or prospective clients) record and know all relevant information about the client (or prospect) as soon as they call in. If the number is not in the database, a company can save it and take notes as soon as they call in.  This eliminates companies forgetting who called in or why by storing a new client directly into the system automatically.
This has proven to be a great time-saver and sales aid.  Some companies also use it to check on employees’ whereabouts.  Simply tell the employee to call in from a land line phone when they get to the job site.  The caller id and time the employee called will be automatically recorded.