We have many customers who call us after coming from other software companies and they are unhappy for a wide range of reasons. Since we have been in the business for 25 years and have customers in dozens of different service industries, we wanted to give our readers some tips on choosing a software program.

  1. Choose a software program that has been around for some time – We have many clients who come to us after choosing a lower priced option from a new company. They are very upset because the company they went with has gone out of business and they can’t get support any longer and/or they have lost all their data. The company’s phones are no longer in service and they have no way to retrieve anything. Some small service business software companies charge a low price as an initial incentive to get your business, but then are gone after a year or two.


  1. Choose a software program with attentive technical support – We have also had many service companies who come to us after receiving little or no support from their previous software vendors. We have technicians available to answer all of your questions, and they will take the time to answer them thoroughly and honestly. We will respond to your needs promptly and don’t rush you off the phone or take any of your problems lightly.


  1. Choose a software program that is always making updates based on customer requests – Some software companies create their program and then never or rarely make updates. We regularly make updates and changes to our program based on customer requests. We had many customers asking for a mobile app and an online version which we recently released.

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  1. Choose a software program that is easy to learn– We have had customers come to us from other software companies because they couldn’t learn how to use the other program. Our software is easy to learn and use. It is user friendly and once our customers get started, they typically don’t need much training before getting up and running.


  1. Choose a software program that fits your company’s needs–We have had many service companies come to us as very small businesses and grow with us, as their business grows. The beauty about the Scheduling Manager is that when a business grows and wants to move to a higher version, they simply pay the difference in price. The program is easy to customize as well. If a business has a specific need, we make sure that feature is added for them. We can usually make the feature they need available to them – either at no cost or for a small, additional customization fee.

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