SMART Marketing is Better Than MORE Marketing

Many service business owners believe that marketing is too expensive for them. However, you do not need to spend a lot to make sure that your marketing efforts are bearing fruit for your business. In this competitive market, smart marketing and good customer relations management are key to succeeding in the service industry. For over 30 […]

Janitorial Business Software For You

Many of today’s most successfully businessmen got their start in the janitorial business, including Stewart Resnick, famous for building a successful cleaning business from scratch after his father won a floor scrubber in a raffle. Running a cleaning business was tough, labor-intensive work, he often said, and it taught him how to organize, schedule, estimate […]

Software and Omelets: How To Tell When They're Done

The first dish that I learned to make for myself was an omelet.  My mother showed me the process.  She was very detail-oriented, and insistent on doing things exactly right.  She explained how to beat the eggs, how much butter to put in the pan, how long to heat that, when to add the eggs, […]

A History of Maid Service Software

  Many years ago, around the time of the beginning of the residential cleaning industry, there was no maid service software available to manage such businesses. There were one or two franchises, like Merry Maids, for example, who engaged some programmers to write software specifically for their franchises. This was a real advantage to signing […]

How to choose your Service Business Software

How to Choose Service Business Software 10 Points to Consider 1. Do your research. Create a list of several relevant software programs designed for your service business industry. Start by searching on Google and talking to other companies in your industry or other service-related businesses with similar processes. 2. Are you thinking about having a […]

5 Ways the Scheduling Manager can help "Spring Clean" Your Business

It’s that time of the year where we are all in the process of cleaning up, from our garage, to our wardrobe, to our businesses. There’s no better way to clean up and streamline your business then with the Scheduling Manager. We wanted to highlight a couple of great features below that can help you […]

Scheduling Manager Web Express by Thoughtful Systems

Thoughtful Systems is proud to announce the release of Scheduling Manager Web Express with nearly all the same great features as our stand-alone version, but completely online. We’ve noticed other companies have released both a stand-alone and a web version but their web version has far fewer features. However, Thoughtful System’s web version has nearly […]

Scheduling Manager Caller-ID Module

  The Caller-ID module in Scheduling Manager is something our team finds very valuable everyday. The Caller-ID and Call Tracking Module are invaluable for companies who need to easily focus on sales processes and methods, and provide better customer service. With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls will appear on the screen, showing the phone number.  If the […]