It’s that time of the year where we are all in the process of cleaning up, from our garage, to our wardrobe, to our businesses. There’s no better way to clean up and streamline your business then with the Scheduling Manager.
We wanted to highlight a couple of great features below that can help you organize and “clean up” your customer management, employee, scheduling, and marketing to better run your business in the spring!
using-tags-on-wordpressSMALL1. The Tags Feature: Apply customized tags to group your customers and create marketing emails based on the tags.
For example, say you want to organize your customers by repeat customers, and first time customers. You can create tags for these types of customers and then search these tags when you want to send out emails. If you want to put out a special for returning customers, you can do so quickly and efficiently.
payrollSMALL2. Payroll: Scheduling Manager offers more payroll options than any other business management software. Scheduling Manager will handle payroll for dozens of different situations, including commision, tips, and much more.

screen2 copySMALLer3. Optimizing Routes: Using the MapPoint interface you can optimize a route, automatically reordering jobs to minimize driving distance.

This will help streamline your business by saving time before you send a tech or maid out to different jobs for the day. At the beginning of the day they will automatically know their fastest route for the day.
4. Job Status Codes: The Job Status codes feature can be used to create your own codes to distinguish jobs.
Some common uses for the Job Status Codes feature is to distinguish types of jobs, for example, “Re-Do” or the stage of the job, such as “In Progress” or “Completed.” In addition to this, you can select your own color for each Job Status Code.
For each job you can specify what the Job Status code is. You then have the option to display your Job Status Codes with the Job Status Code color. This makes it very easy to distinguish jobs at a glance.
Young business woman in headset with notebook5. Equipment Tracking Feature: With the Equipment Tracking Feature you are able to attach a certain piece of equipment to a job. Each line item of the job (each invoice line number) can be connected to a different piece of equipment.
This makes it easy to track where your equipment is, and if you need to charge more for it being returned late, for example.