How to Run a Profitable Handyman Business

How to Run a Profitable Handyman Business Having skilled employees, effective management of all business processes and the right marketing tools are key components of running a successful handyman business. Finding the right business software that allows you to effectively manage scheduling, assists with pricing and estimating handyman projects correctly, and makes it easy to effectively market your […]

Smart Marketing is a Must for a Successful Carpet Cleaning Business

Thoughtful Systems’ Scheduling Manager software for carpet cleaning businesses provides you with the best solution for all your marketing and sales efforts. Our Scheduling Manager software fully integrates marketing and sales with scheduling, customer relations management, estimates, accounting, inventory tracking, and many other necessary tools for running a carpet cleaning business. All in formation about […]

Good software for Pest Control Business Requires Precision and Flexibility

Pest Control business owners know that their business requires customized software that cannot be served by off-the-shelf programs that do not take into account the specific demands of their industry. Scheduling Manager software has been developed especially for the demands of managing a pest control or exterminator business and provides all the necessary tools to run […]

Scheduling Manager Caller-ID Module

  The Caller-ID module in Scheduling Manager is something our team finds very valuable everyday. The Caller-ID and Call Tracking Module are invaluable for companies who need to easily focus on sales processes and methods, and provide better customer service. With the Caller-ID Module, incoming calls will appear on the screen, showing the phone number.  If the […]