Tutoring services have seen an unprecedented rise in demand over the last decade or so and industry experts predict that this demand will continue to rise in the future. In the US, parents and students spend $20 billion every year on private academic tutors and the market is growing annually. Technology, espeically specialized software, cloud-based services and ubiquotousness of smart phones and new educational apps, has allowed the private tutoring industry to grow while taking advantage of these new resources.
We bring Thoughtful Systems’ expertise in business management and industry consulting to help you run your tutoring service as an efficient and profitable business. With our Scheduling Manager software, you can spend less time on repetitive tasks, such as scheduling or billing, and instead focus on those areas of your tutoring business that will lead to greater student success and satisfaction. You can also share information across platforms — see our different offerings: Desktop version, Online version, Mobile version and the Customer-Employee Portal.
Some of the features available in the Scheduling Manager for tutoring service business:

Efficient and Flexible Scheduling 

9 Different Interactive Calendars for Scheduling 

There are over 9 differnet scheduling screens to choose from in Scheduling Manager for tutoring service business, so you have many options for viewing your schedules and tutor availability.
Customer Dispatch Calendar

Very useful for tutoring businesses, the Customer Dispatch Calendar is an interactive calendar that shows you jobs by each student. From this calendar, you can add, change, and complete all your tutoring sessions.

 Effective Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Caller ID

The Caller-ID feature shows incoming calls as a pop-up on your screen, allowing you to quickly access the client’s or student’s record with just a click. Details of incoming and outgoing calls are recorded with the Phone Activity Log.
This feature not only saves time for your office staff, but also helps to present a professional image when current or prospective tutoring clients call your office.
Preferred Employee Feature
The Preferred Employee feature included in Scheudling Manager specifies whether a particular student has a preference for a specific tutor. This way, you can always make sure that each student is paired with the right tutor and you can also specify a tutor that should never be scheduled for a specific student, avoiding customer complaints and ensuring that your students always get the help they need.

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