When mapping, geo-tagging and route optimization features are included in the business software your service business relies on, everyone will know you’ve got your best foot forward. It’s amazing a singular piece of software technology can go so far in demonstrating organization and accountability to both employees and your clients – you’d think mapping for service business software would be the standard, but you’d be wrong.
Amazingly, not all software for service businesses takes advantage of the latest technology for convenient mapping, geo-tagging and route optimization.
Thoughtful Systems MappingRemember the days when routing to a customer’s address could take as long as the onsite job itself? Those born after 1990 don’t know the troubles of folding maps and stopping in gas stations to ask directions. This Millennial Generation were the first to grow up using computers, relying on mapping software that optimizes the fastest way to drive to a destination. But like most established service business owners, I came along during a time when finding an address meant memory recall and good guess work to find the optimal route. We often relied on “that guy” in the office who was an address savant – someone who could recall any address by memory and tell you the best way to get there. “Take a left at Old Man Herlong’s Gas Mart and you’ll see three mailboxes … the third one is the one you want.”
Efficiency in business has come a long way since then. Dispatchers must be technically optimized to empower workers with reactive mapping solutions contained within mapping functionality for field service business software. Employees work remotely, receiving their job schedules on their mobile devices while keying in their action items on the go. They don’t want to call their dispatchers on the phone or have to key in addresses on Google Maps or a Garmin GPS unit. Instead, the address should be pushed directly to their tablet or mobile device where the service business software in use — for example, SM-Mobile from Thoughtful Systems — automatically has the best route available.
Here’s what to look for when selecting a solution with mapping functionality for business software:

While GPS devices from Garmin, Magellan and Tomtom empowered an older generation of us Babyboomers and Gen Xers, a younger generation takes for granted the convenience of map routing technology and built-in route optimization contained with any fine software for a service business by default.
If your business is based on delivering or servicing goods, visiting customers or making sales calls, a service industry software solution with integrated mapping functionality promotes making more calls per day, covering territories in a shorter amount of time and reducing overall time in the car and travel expenses.
Plato wrote “the beginning is the most important part of the work.” Where dispatching, routing and returning is concerned, there’s no question that a good mapping solution should be at the start and heart of any mapping functionality for business software.
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